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Michelle Nowakowski was a wife and mother of two small children living in Las Vegas Nevada when a failed back surgery took her to her first NUCCA Chiropractic appointment.  She had been to a lot of chiropractors in her 17 year battle with Sciatica.  Would this be any different?


A repetitive lifting injury started the sciatic in 1979 and by 1996 when the neurosurgeon did back surgery she was at the end of her rope.  She had two small children and a husband, a home-based interior design service, and she was unable to do much of anything without 10+ pain.  So surgery seemed the only option she had left.  She did amazingly well for 12 months.  This new pain-free life caused her to reevaluate her work situation and pursue pre-med classes at community college.  But unfortunately the Sciatica returned with a vengeance.  She now had more pain than she’d ever experienced in her life.


A friend told her to try her NUCCA doctor.  Though she was skeptical upon hearing he was a chiropractor due to her experience with the short-term benefits of spinal manipulations, she once again felt she had no other option.  So she tried NUCCA.  Within just a few days the change in her pain level was so remarkable, she knew she’d found the answer! 

Within a year she and her family had sold their home, quit their jobs and moved to Davenport, Iowa to attend the premier college for chiropractic students, Palmer.  Upon finishing chiropractic school, she and her sister (another miracle story!) returned to Las Vegas to open their first chiropractic clinic.


Dr. Nowakowski became board certified in NUCCA in 2006, after 4 years of training, mentoring and critiques of her actual patient cases.  This distinct credential is currently held by only 30 other doctors in the United States.  Re-certification is completed every 2 years, to insure that she is upholding the NUCCA protocol and delivering the best upper cervical adjustment possible.


Life Enhancing Chiropractic is her concept of the most ideal way to practice compassionate, considerate and effective patient care.  Her small office inside another doctor’s clinic, is simple and efficient.  By eliminating all the distractions of staff, billing, and supplement sales, she can focus on the one reason she became a NUCCA doctor, to help people.  Having time to listen to the patient’s concerns and brainstorm the best way to help them with Upper Cervical Chiropractic care.

Interview with Dr. Nowakowski

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