How Can I Maintain My Alignment?

Many patients immediately start to wonder about how to maintain their alignment. The very gentle adjustment they just received makes them feel it may be very easy to “undo” the good that was just done by Dr. Nowakowski’s adjustment. Now that you’ve come into care with the best chiropractor in Colorado Springs, you may be afraid of losing your alignment quickly, please don’t worry.

At first there is very little that you control that affects this. Of course, Dr. Nowakowski will ask you to discontinue bad habits, like twisting or popping your neck. This may take some time for some patients who have habitually twisted their jaw to the left and right to relieve tension in their neck or base of the skull. As your body learns alignment, the initial weeks will be a process of retraining the muscles in your head/neck joint to hold your alignment.

It’s a lot of work at first, for that reason Dr. Nowakowski will check you for misalignment more frequently during the first 3 weeks of care. After that, as your body’s ability to hold the alignment increases your need to visit the office decreases. You also become aware of the different sensations of being “in alignment” or “out of alignment.” So you and your chiropractor show respect for that knowledge and your body’s ability to “hold” the correction is better and better. Very soon you will be visiting Dr. Nowakowski only a few times each year.